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Mr Banana

Mr Banana came to tea
For Mr Banana unfortunately
Mr Banana looked tasty
So we ate Mr Banana for our tea


Eleanor posted :
Quote of the day from my physiotherapist:
“The buttocks really are the root of all evil.”

“The buttocks are the root of all evil”
my physiotherapist said,
“From the minute you’re up in the morning
to when you lie down in your bed,
your buttocks are plotting your downfall
creeping up on you from behind.
I have seen a posterior inducing hysteria
in an inferior mind.”

It bothered me for a moment
but the feeling I’m sure will pass
Just for now though emotion’s beneath me
I don’t want to be seen as an arse.


A crocodile is poikilothermic, that’s how crocodiles are:
without an external source of heat a crocodile won’t get far.

Your temperature is ninety eight point four in Fahrenheit
But for a crocodilian, no one number is right

They’re colder when it’s colder out, they’re hotter when it’s hot
But test it with a thermometer ? My advice is – better not.