Existential Angst

If I were a cat with no tail : a manx
Would I suffer from existential angst ?
Would a pussy like me treat his life as a fail
On account of his quite unaccountable tail ?
Would the lack of a thing that I never once had
Make me catty or batty or simply quite mad ?
I think not. I’d be grounded. I’d stand on all paws.
My emotions well founded – all effects with a cause
I’d be straight like an arrow or even a beeline
cos a moggie like me is in touch with his felines

I wish that I was a pusscat

For Jenny, whose thought this was and Charlie who modelled for it

I wish that I was a pusscat
When miffed I would mete out some claw
When happy I might do some purring
or scratching my cheek on the door
But mostly I would spend my time sleeping
in places you think are for you
Your chair or on top of your pillow
Your pyjamas ? Why yes, that’d do.
Very few things would wake me from slumber
A poo or a pee or a snack
I’d hold tight otherwise
and I’d squeeze shut my eyes
When a human paw touches my back.
I would only eat tea at the neighbours’
The muck you buy I’d simply ignore
All I’d need from you
is the removal of poo
and a servant to open the door.
Yes I wish that I was a pusscat
Then the rules of your societee
Would apply to all dogs, mice and people round here
To everyone except me !