Spider Plant

To the tune of ‘Spiderman’

Spider plant, spider plant,
Copies spiders ? Well, no, it can’t.
Spends all day sat in pots
Doesn’t get ’round a lot
Watch out!
Slow moving spider plant.

Is it wrong ? It lives in mud
It’s got radial active buds
Spin a web ? Never has
Doesn’t do all that jazz
Hey there,
it’s just a spider plant

Though it’s got no eyes, it’s a genius with light
Photosynthesizing (but never at night)

Spider plant, spider plant
Capture evil ones ? No it can’t
Criminals it won’t fight ’em
Cos’ it’s a Chlorophtyum

It’s there, just sitting in the corner
It’s flora it’s not fauna
You’ll find the spider plant !